How To Add MedTokens to MyEtherWallet

Hi everyone,

This is a guide to adding your MedTokens (MTN) to your MyEtherWallet!

Step 1

Open your wallet on MyEtherWallet. Navigate to the “Add Custom Token” button.

Step 2

Please enter the following information below in order to display your MedTokens (MTN):

  • Address: 0x41dBECc1cdC5517C6f76f6a6E836aDbEe2754DE3
  • Token Symbol: MTN
  • Decimals: 18

That’s it! Your MedTokens are now viewable in your wallet. Remember to “Load your tokens” next time you login!

Thanks for all the support. We appreciate all of the interest and are excited for what the coming year will bring.

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