Inside Medicalchain Issue #5

Welcome to the fifth issue of Inside Medicalchain, a monthly newsletter written to update our community on the progress of our project.

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Medicalchain Becomes First Healthcare Pioneer Member of the Renowned Blockchain Research Institute:

Medicalchain has joined the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI), the foremost independent think-tank leading research into the impact of blockchain on business, government and society. Medicalchain joins industry giants Accenture, IBM, Microsoft and SAP, as well as blockchain startup pioneers CarbonX, Digital Asset Holdings, and Polymath, as the institute’s first blockchain for healthcare pioneer.

Read views from the famous Don Tapscott, on Medicalchain here.

Evaluating MTN Token

Mo Tayeb, Medicalchain’s COO, announces the exploration of expanding MTN’s token utility to allow the purchasing of shares as an exchangeable security option, with a minimum purchase value of MTN set at ICO price or higher. In addition, any tokens used to purchase these shares will be burned.

Please note: The new concept is still at evaluation stage and is subject to gaining approval from all the relevant stakeholders including lawyers, regulators, and exchanges.

Learn about the prospective remodel in our latest AMA.

Product Development

At the end of the last month, June 23rd — Medicalchain & The Groves Medical Group had a launch event to mark the beginning of the pilot for

The app will go live in the coming weeks, and you will be able to download it from Apple iOS App Store and use the service if you live in the UK. is a brand of Medicalchain that provides telemedicine services to patients who are in need of a medical consultation, with more services to be made available in the near future. will be the first application in the world to support cryptocurrency as a form of payment for an online medical consultation. Updates on our pilot with The Groves Medical Group will be shared in the next issue!


Techworld lists Medicalchain as one of the top blockchain startups to watch — Read here

ICO Crowd, a Japanese media publication writes about Medicalchain’s mission and agenda to reshape the medical industry!

Latest Medicalchain AMA

Humbled by the support from the Japanese community, Mo Tayeb discusses the latest ongoings in Medicalchain’s AMA series along with live Japanese translation!-Watch here

  • app in action
  • MTN Utility expansion
  • And more!

Upcoming Events

Blockchain Live

London| 26th Septemeber 2018

Medicalchain will be exhibiting at the renowned Blockchain Live at the Olympia, London — Join us!

Blockchain Tech

Poland | 1-2 October 2018

Dave Ebbitt, Medicalchain’s Health Informatics Manager, will be speaking at Blockchain Tech Conference –Join us!

Hyperledger Member Summit

Montreal| 1–2 October 2018

Medicalchain’s Head of Infrastructure and Security, Bara Mustafa, will be presenting at the Hyperledger Member Summit –Join us!

Unlocking the Value of Disruption — FT Digital Health Summit USA

New York | 17 October 2018

Medicalchain’s CEO, Dr Abdullah Albeyatti, will be presenting for the second year running at the FT Digital Health Summit –Join us!

Social Media

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