Forbes Features Medicalchain As ‘The Solution To The Patient Data Problem’

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The Medicalchain team remain hard at work, developing the application and the Medicalchain Health Passport.

Our hard work has not gone unnoticed. We recently completed an interview with Trevor Clawson, Forbes contributor. We hope you enjoy reading the published article.

Broken Records — UK Entrepreneurs See Blockchain As The Solution To The Patient Data Problem

Originally published and sourced from Forbes, written by Trevor Clawson.

“Medicalchain is seeking to address a big problem — namely the fragmented nature of health records here in the UK and elsewhere around the globe. In an ideal world, when a patient sees a doctor, the practitioner in question would have access to a complete medical history before deciding on a treatment. In practice, it’s not so simple. A patient might turn up at an accident and emergency department, visit an unfamiliar General Practitioner when away from home, seek private treatment, or see a doctor when travelling abroad. In all of these scenarios, comprehensive records might not be available, simply because the data is stored in local silos.”

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