Inside Medicalchain Issue #23

Welcome to the twenty-third issue of Inside Medicalchain, our regular newsletter to keep our community up to date. If you missed the twenty-second issue, you can catch up by clicking here.

Product development

Our upcoming MyClinic features include:

  • Screen sharing between clinicians and patients.
  • SMS and email invitations to be expanded, beyond links alone.
  • The enabling of image and file uploading.

If you have any questions, do check out our Help Centre and don’t hesitate to get in touch at [email protected] if you have any suggestions.

We are looking forward to sharing with the community our blockchain developments for electronic health records. We will be releasing more information soon, stay tuned!


Inside Medicalchain Issue #22

Inside Medicalchain Issue #22

Welcome to the twenty-second issue of Inside Medicalchain, our regular newsletter to keep our community up to date. If you missed the twenty-first issue, you can catch up by clicking here.

Product development

We are still busy in developing our blockchain-based EHR and products. 

We’re looking forward to sharing upcoming exciting developments soon! Hold on tight. Update

The increasing adoption of Rooms has been fantastic, and we thank all of you who have helped share and increase awareness about it. We are now operating across the globe. NHS users are the most prolific users of Further, we are being used by wide-reaching medical specialities, from Dermatology to Physiotherapy to Mental Health. 


Inside Medicalchain Issue #21

Welcome to the twenty-first issue of Inside Medicalchain, our monthly newsletter to keep our community up to date. If you missed the twentieth issue, you can catch up by clicking here. Rooms is still going strong!

We released Rooms in response to the current coronavirus pandemic. Rooms is a simple tool designed by us to allow for a virtual waiting room where patients can be directed to ‘check into’ whilst they wait for their doctor to begin the video consultation. We are now being used by several NHS hospital trusts in the UK to support the delivery of their secondary care clinics and research activities.

We are proud to share with you some updated numbers about our usage globally. We have now been used in over 78 countries worldwide! Check out a heatmap of all the countries below.


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