Inside Medicalchain Issue #3

Welcome to the third issue of Inside Medicalchain, a monthly newsletter written to update our community on the progress of our project.

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Joint Working Agreement with Mayo Clinic

Medicalchain is excited to announce a joint working agreement with the internationally renowned Mayo Clinic. The two organisations will work together to explore the potential benefits of blockchain technology in healthcare, with a vision to develop a variety of services in the future. Read more details here.

Collaborative Design In Action

On the 23rd May Natalie Furness, Communications Director, was invited to host a workshop with doctors from Royal Berkshire Hospital, sharing their ideas on communicating patient data.

Product Development

We are excited to give you a sneak peek at a few snapshots of app in development. Please note that these designs are tentative and subject to change as we pilot with patients, and doctors at the The Groves Medical Center.

For those that are familiar with design processes, you will be aware that user feedback on early design and features is key to refining the user interface for future development. Patient User Interface

The following screenshots illustrate the patient’s journey in “Booking an Appointment”

1. Home page

View appointments booked and upcoming. Plus the feature to start the “Book an Appointment” process!

2. Book an Appointment

The filtering process a patient goes through to select the available consultation options.

3. Payment Verification

Payment options available to the user in exchange for the services provided by


Consensus 2018, New York

Robert’s Thoughts on Consensus 2018

Representing Medicalchain at Consensus 2018 was Robert Miller who continues to drive interest in the US for our solution

“Blockchain Week is a whirlwind of activity with Consensus at the heart of the storm; nearly 10,000 people converged on the Hilton Midtown, New York for three days to discuss the greatest and latest developments in blockchain technology. I was honored to represent Medicalchain on a panel discussing the state of blockchain in healthcare. In my discussions on and off stage, I was invigorated by the passion in the people I spoke to and the unique opportunity we have today to help build a better future. Reflecting on these conversations today, I can unequivocally say that I’ve never been more excited for the future or to be a part of the blockchain revolution.”

Robert Miller, Head of Business Development — Medicalchain

Reform, London

Medicalchain’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Philip Xiu, attended Reform’s Health Conference: Sharing Medicalchain’s vision for utilising blockchain technology to empower patients to control their own medical records.

Following his inspiring talk, Dr Philip Xiu was invited to complete an article on Reformer Blog.

Watch Dr Philip Xiu’s talk online.

CUBE, in Berlin

Above, right: Dave Ebbitt, Medicalchain’s Head of Health Informatics, preparing with Marin Livadaru of DAYS for their fireside chat on the topic, “Can blockchain and AI unchain us from institutionalised healthcare?”

Keep an eye out for Dave’s Blog on the event, by subscribing to our publication.

Dave’s Thought on CUBE

“CUBE in Berlin is one of the most vibrant tech innovation events anywhere and, true to form, the audience were quick to engage with the ideas aired by Dave and Marin. It is startups like DAYS and Medicalchain that are leading the transition”

Dave Ebbitt, Head of Informatics — Medicalchain

One Healthtech, London

On Wednesday, 23rd May Natalie Furness was invited to speak at the One HealthTech event, ‘Busting the Blockchain Myth in Healthcare’ at Citypoint 1, London.

Hosted by Helen Disney and sponsored by Simmons & Simmons, this event provided an evening of fresh and thought-provoking discussion.

One HealthTech brings together doers, thinkers and trailblazers to change the face of healthcare. Their mission is to be the platform that ignites and supports the most dynamic and inclusive health technology communities. —

Read Natalie’s reflection on her experience here.

Media Coverage

Financial Times mentions Medicalcain as prospective blockchain solution in their article,“Blockchain offers cure for patients’ fragmented medical records”. — Read here

Reform, a British Think Tank, publishes an article on “The role of data sharing in spreading innovation” written by Medicalchain’s Chief Medical Officer. — Read here

Forbes mentions Medicalchain as one of the top 30 Real Examples Of Blockchain Technology. — Read here

Community Update

In preparation for the global market, our community team has continued to expand our reach within China, Korea and Japan. Growth has been seen across all platforms, with the exception of the international telegram channel, which is a notable trend across many post-ico telegram groups.

Look out for our community survey that is going to launch soon — we would love to get feedback from our community!

Here is our current list of communities:

Don’t Forget to Sign Up For your Free Healthcare Passport

Medicalchain Health Passport signup is live! Prospective patients and medical practitioners can register their interest now, by clicking here.

Next month

  • Additional development update of, application in preparation for The Groves Medical Group pilot
  • Read some exciting news on prospective partnerships

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Medicalchain Announces Joint Working Agreement with Mayo Clinic

A collaboration of technology and healthcare specialists seeking to prove the value of blockchain in healthcare.

United Kingdom, London: Today, Medicalchain announced that it signed a joint working agreement with the internationally renowned Mayo Clinic. The two organisations will work together to explore the potential benefits of blockchain technology in healthcare, with a vision to develop a variety of services in the future.

The US based Mayo Clinic has unparalleled expertise and was ranked the top hospital nationally by the U.S. News & World Report rankings of top hospitals.

Mayo Clinic is top ranked in a wide range of specialities, including diabetes and endocrinology, gastroenterology, geriatrics, gynecology, nephrology, neurology and neurosurgery, pulmonology and urology.

“We are thrilled to be working with Mayo Clinic. Mayo Clinic will provide their world-class healthcare and health IT expertise, while Medicalchain will provide our knowledge of blockchain and crypto. Together we will work on several use cases using blockchain based electronic health records. There’s a lot of opportunity out there, and we feel this working agreement will be of benefit to all healthcare stakeholders.”

Dr Abdullah Albeyatti, CEO of Medicalchain.

Blockchain technology is a revolutionary innovation that first gained traction within financial services for its ability to speed up transactions, reduce costs, and provide a shared immutable ledger. The same principles are widely applicable to healthcare and show promise in addressing some of the systemic problems our systems face today, such as data security, fragmentation, high costs, and lack of patient centricity. The joint working agreement between Mayo Clinic and Medicalchain is a step forward in realising this vision.

For more information, join the Medicalchain community on Telegram.

Media Enquiries
Contact: Natalie Furness
[email protected]

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Inside Medicalchain Issue #2

Welcome to the second issue of “Inside Medicalchain”, a monthly newsletter written to update our community on the progress of our project.

If you missed the first issue you can catch up here .


In preparation for the multiple services and products to be released under the Medicalchain umbrella, a brand refresh was felt necessary to provide identifiable consistency across the board, this has been the first step within our marketing initiatives.

Read More on our re-brand here.

Product Development Introducing Medicalchain’s first token utility service, a telemedicine application under the brand name

“We are excited to share the first application, powered by Medicalchain. will be piloted with patients registered at The Groves Medical Practice and The Groves’ General Practitioners, from July 2018, and will be launched to the general public later this year.”

Dr. Abdullah Albeyatti, Co-Founder and CEO, Medicalchain.

Read more about the product launch set to take place at the Groves Medical Practice by subscribing to our publication.

We will be releasing features, screen shots and more, in the coming editions.

Team Update

We have the pleasure of announcing two new, full time members to the Medicalchain team!

Wael Alkhalidi — SVP Operations

“This month has shown me the team’s immense passion and dedication to the Medicalchain project. I am very excited to be leading this ever growing, talented group of individuals that have worked so hard to build our blockchain based platform. Together, we will continue to accelerate the adoption of our technology, in healthcare, and revolutionise services for patients, professionals, and healthcare organisations.”

Steven Ankri — Lead UI/UX Designer

Having a complete customer experience, taking into consideration the user’s journey whilst navigating the platform and overall application design is vital. We are excited to have Steven lead the charge in ensuring our products are both beautiful and patient friendly! Plus, adding an element of French flair to our international team.

If you are interested in joining the Medicalchain team check out the career section on our website.

Events Update

This month we have continued to present our project at a variety of events. Most notably in South Korea and New York (Consensus).

  • Our Director of Business Development, Robert Miller, spoke on blockchain in healthcare at Consensus 2018. Keep your eyes peeled for a video of the panel and a post from Robert soon!

  • Our first organised event in South Korea joined by Dr. Kim Jin Guk, MD and the Founder of Crypto Research Seoul, to discuss blockchain in healthcare — Read it here
  • Blockchain Expo Global (Dr Stewart Southey, Clinical Advisor) — Read it here

“Catching up with Huobi Korea Today” Natalie Furness and Mo Tayeb.

Exchange Update

In the pursuit to make our token more widely available, we are proud to announce our token listing with the Bitfinex Exchange. Making this the 6th exchange listing within 3 months post ICO — Read here

Community Update

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone that continues to support the Medicalchain project. Along with our international community, we have seen a great interest and growth within the local subgroups as our Community Manager, Tim Robinson, has been hard at work promoting the project in Asia, with more localised social media platforms to come.

Here is our current list of communities,


Medicalchain 日本公式コミュニティ

Medicalchain 官方中文群

Medicalchain Italia

Korean Kakao Chat







Media Coverage

  • Bitfinex announces Medicalchain’s token MTN as one of the high-quality projects added to its trading platform. Read here
  • We also conducted a LIVE AMA this April! Read here

Next Month

  • Development update of ‘MyClinic. com’ (telemedicine application)
  • Read some exciting news on prospective partnerships
  • Learn more about the Medicalchain Healthcare Passport

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Cheers from the team in London!

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