Inside Medicalchain Issue #26

Welcome to the twenty-sixth issue of Inside Medicalchain, our newsletter to keep our community up to date. If you missed the twenty-fifth issue, you can catch up by clicking here.

COVID-19 update

The team are vaccinated and keen to get back to traveling around the world promoting Medicalchain and our two flagship products – MyClinic Connect and MyClinic.

We hope the worst is behind us now as borders open up again for us to showcase what we are working on and to do meet-ups where we can speak with the community directly about all things Medicalchain related.

Product development

MyClinic Connect is currently in end-stage talks with a large international medical company regarding the use of our platform and its integration into their network of health services.  We are also speaking with other representatives from the pharmaceutical and research sphere about how MyClinic Connect can empower their users, the patients and provide a more powerful consultation with a clinician.

MyClinic Connect features and updates include:

  • UX overhaul
  • Final testing to complete integration with the second largest primary care record system (UK)

Our upcoming MyClinic features include:

  • Questionnaire features improved
  • Healthcare profiles collected and will lead to targeted outreach
  • Research into Whatsapp integration into MyClinic 

For users of MyClinic, if you have any questions, do check out our Help Centre and don’t hesitate to get in touch at [email protected] if you have any suggestions.

We are looking forward to sharing with the community our blockchain developments for electronic health records. We will be releasing more information soon, stay tuned!

Team brainstorming session

Our team recently got together in person, many of which were meeting for the first time. Over the course of three days, we discussed new ideas, problems we would like to solve, and the next steps for MedicalChain.

This provided us with a great opportunity to set up plans for the next year, and chat through all the ideas we have, in-depth. We made great progress and have started working on a new exciting service we would like to incorporate into our business.


In a recent podcast with Medics Money, Medicalchain co-founder and CEO Dr Abdullah Albeyatti discusses the strengths of cryptocurrency and how bitcoin is here to stay. Click here to listen to that podcast.

Still contributing to the international health blockchain scene, Dr Albeyatti presented at the Dubai Future Blockchain Summit about the promise and challenges that face the industry in trying to make an impact in this space.

Service and walkthrough videos

Another project in the works is the creation of walkthrough videos for our users of MyClinic. We have recently added a host of new features and we want to make sure that everyone is getting the most out of them. These videos are currently in development and will be launched in the coming weeks.

Along with the walkthrough videos, we have also created a range of videos aimed at showcasing the benefits of telemedicine, both for patients and clinicians. These videos can be viewed on our YouTube channel and on our social media accounts.

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