Inside Medicalchain Issue #27

Welcome to the twenty-seventh issue of Inside Medicalchain, our newsletter to keep our community up to date. If you missed the twenty-sixth issue, you can catch up by clicking here.

Product development


Medicalchain’s online health record system, MyClinic Connect is in the final stages of a redesign to make the interface and interaction buttery smooth and user friendly.

The look and feel of MyClinic Connect will match and compliment our telemedicine offering, MyClinc. As we continue to build our suite of products it is important that the user is able to flow from one service to another whilst retaining the same theme and user experience.


MyClinic continues to expand internationally and has seen a huge spike in the past few months.  In the month of December alone our user base has expanded by 600%!

Booking and scheduling solutions as well as an enterprise version have been in development and are soon to be pushed to the live environment following testing.

Finally, we have published over 5 million healthcare professionals’ profiles onto our MyClinic platform and explain below the reasons for doing so, how to claim your profile, and edit it to your choosing.

For users of MyClinic, if you have any questions, do check out our Help Centre and don’t hesitate to get in touch at [email protected] if you have any suggestions.

We are looking forward to sharing with the community our blockchain developments for electronic health records. We will be releasing more information soon, stay tuned!


CEO Dr. Abdullah Albeyatti shared his thoughts with ‘The Entrepreneur’s Doctor’ discusses the learnings and common mistakes health entrepreneurs make when creating a start-up. Click here to listen to that podcast.

Still contributing to the international health blockchain scene, Dr Albeyatti was also invited to the ‘Healthy Discussions Podcast with Dr Zack Hassan’ to further give insight into the promise and challenges healthcare faces in trying to implement blockchain solutions into mainstream medicine.  Listen to that podcast here.

Dr Albeyatti’s status within the healthcare technology industry in the UK has become recognised and helps to provide more spotlight on to our products at Medicalchain.  He was recently asked to judge a competition at the international annual GIANT Health Conference where he was able to provide constructive feedback to new entrepreneurs presenting their start up pitches.

Two further podcasts Dr. Albeyatti was invited to speak on were the ‘School of Risk (SOR)’ podcast with Chizbul Egwudo and the very popular, ‘You Are Not A Frog’ podcast with Dr. Rachel Morris.

With Chizbul, the concept of risk is discussed and there is a stark contrast between reckless risk and calculated risk.

Dr. Morris continues her fantastic series for high-stakes, high-pressure professionals where she seeks insight from those who have changed their career trajectory for the better.

You can listen to these podcasts here:

‘School of Risk (SOR)’ podcast with Chizbul Egwudo

‘You Are Not A Frog’ podcast with Dr Rachel Morris

Service and walkthrough videos

We are currently working on a number of service-focused and walkthrough-style videos.

The focus of these videos is to enable users to get the most out of MyClinic and showcase new features that have been developed. 

Our development team has been working hard on a new website section for these videos to be housed in, a hub for MyClinic users to use for reference and guidance. 

Our first video is live and can be seen below.


Another huge project for our team has been the creation of millions of new user profiles for healthcare professionals. These profiles are aimed at helping our colleagues showcase their specialties from a MyClinic profile whilst giving potential patients the ability to reach out to them.

Profiles are now live on our site and with initial testing complete, we are now starting to market this to the healthcare sector. For those not listed, you can simply create a new profile by joining MyClinic today. 

This has been one of our biggest projects to date and has already helped us see a huge spike in users around the globe.

Website Developments

We have recently been working with a user experience specialist to ensure that MyClinic is a smooth journey for both patients and medical professionals.

While the site functions very well, we will be undertaking major development works to boost the look and feel for our visitors.

Our web development team has been hard at work implementing these changes, which we will have more information on in the next issue.

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