Inside Medicalchain Issue #21

Welcome to the twenty-first issue of Inside Medicalchain, our monthly newsletter to keep our community up to date. If you missed the twentieth issue, you can catch up by clicking here. Rooms is still going strong!

We released Rooms in response to the current coronavirus pandemic. Rooms is a simple tool designed by us to allow for a virtual waiting room where patients can be directed to ‘check into’ whilst they wait for their doctor to begin the video consultation. We are now being used by several NHS hospital trusts in the UK to support the delivery of their secondary care clinics and research activities.

We are proud to share with you some updated numbers about our usage globally. We have now been used in over 78 countries worldwide! Check out a heatmap of all the countries below.

Product development

We continue to work hard to pack our solutions full of features. We are responding directly to feedback from our users and focusing development on Our most recent updates include:

  • Added option to turn off audio waiting message.
  • Added multi-language support for international users.
  • Added screen sharing facility.
  • Completing final testing stages for patients to send attachments.

Long term Medicalchain followers will know that patient records and securing access to these using the blockchain is the ultimate goal and we are working on innovative ways to merge these two solutions together after the success of

If you have any questions, do check out our Help Centre and don’t hesitate to get in touch at [email protected] if you have any suggestions.


We are exceptionally proud that was featured in the prestigious British Medical Journal regarding new telemedicine solutions that NHS doctors are using. The BMJ is a world-leading British publication that was founded over 180 years ago. It is one of the most respected global sources of medical information.

Find the piece here that recommends to NHS doctors.

We were recently featured in Pharmafield where our very own Dr Amina Albeyatti discusses how blockchain technology could reduce NHS clinical negligence claims by offering patients full transparency and ownership over their medical information.

You can check out the piece here.

Inside perspective

This section aims to provide an insight into the project, including the people behind the scenes who are working extremely hard to make our vision a reality.

Mo Tayeb is the Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Medicalchain. He is a graduate from Brunel University from where he obtained a degree in e-commerce. He also holds an Executive MBA from the University of Oxford, Saïd Business School.

He has a wealth of experience as an internet entrepreneur and investor. We interviewed Mo so that you could understand more about him, his role as a COO and tips for beginners in the health technology sector.

Co-Founder and COO, Mo Tayeb

How would you best describe your role as a COO, and what does it take to be successful at it?

My role in some ways is a straight forward position to describe, however, to be successful at it is very complicated!

My job is to support the team and the CEO in every aspect with the sole focus of making the company successful. I have to anticipate challenges and adapt to changes to keep pushing our organisation in the right direction. This can range from basic tasks such as making sure our accounts and legals are in order to more energy-intensive tasks such as accompanying Abdullah on roadshows and trips to keep him up to date with the latest developments and brainstorm together where we see our vision going.

I think to be a successful COO really depends on the team around you. They have to be receptive and respectful of your experience and knowledge so that discussions leading to decision-making moments are as smooth as possible, as well as being acknowledged and supported by all. If the team around you are onboard then you can really achieve remarkable things together in a short time period.

What was the vision you had for Medicalchain when you first started, and how close are Medicalchain to achieving it?

Empowering patients to have access to their medical records and to unchain them from institutions so that they can choose freely where and by whom to receive their care without being disadvantaged by the clinician not having the full story about them. This has been our vision from day one and built upon this we realised blockchain was going to be a cornerstone to achieving this.

Having achieved one of the most successful health ICOs, this acted as a great springboard for us to push on with our vision. We have achieved an incredible amount in a short space of time when comparing ourselves to a much larger health tech companies who have bigger financial backing and have been around longer than us.

During the past three years, we have won awards, published in several newspapers, contributed to scientific literature and grown in recognition. We have a live product which is being used in over 78 countries and are now in the process of stitching together our blockchain supported health care record system which draws on data directly from the primary care healthcare system in the NHS, UK.

It will be many years until we get to where we want to be and that is the go-to healthcare solution for all clinics worldwide. This is a testament to our appetite and ambition.

What is it that makes Medicalchain unique and innovative?

I would say our team spirit and ambition. We are very quick to support each other and innovate whenever we see the need to adapt to a change in this space.

Take for example, we weren’t happy with the idea of a worldwide virus affecting everyone and yet only some would be privileged enough to live in a country where a video consultation is an option. We built our solution within 2 weeks to provide every clinic, anywhere in the world, with the opportunity to consult with their patients remotely for free whilst we all observed social distancing rules.

We used our experience and our learnings to deliver this great piece of work which has made a real difference to so many people because we have the team and individuals who can deliver when it counts.

How do you think patients can be best empowered once they have access to their data?

We have a vision where anyone, anywhere can receive healthcare without being treated like a stranger by a health provider who doesn’t have access to the patient’s information. By putting the patient at the centre of their care, they can choose who to see and can take their most up to date information with them from one consultation to the next without ever being penalised for seeking help or support from other providers.

We want patients to truly be at the centre of their care so when pharma or insurance companies want to have access to medical information they have to go directly to the patient for their permission and to have access granted. Making this relationship transparent, and the financial rewards going to the right individual, the patient.

Do you have any tips for beginners who are interested in the digital health and technology industry from a business-perspective?

Get involved and make yourself available! This is a booming space and growing at a rapid rate, especially with the recent worldwide pandemic. What has worked well for me personally is finding a group that I trust implicitly and using that as our foundation to build Medicalchain.

I think it’s important to get your core team right, your vision defined and then to get out there as quickly as possible to test your ideas and grow from there.

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Upcoming Issues

  • About our formal launch of with onboarding of new clinics.
  • Partnerships within the NHS and private sector that we are very much looking forward to sharing with you all.

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