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(March 2019)

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Product Development

Want to help? Give us feedback!

Please continue to download our iOS version of and let us know your feedback on version 1.0 by sending in your comments to — [email protected]

You will be excited to hear that V2 of the application is almost ready for release — along with an updated website — we will be sharing this with you shortly!

The new website is designed to appeal to both business and patient-users alike.

We are able to show some preliminary images from V2 of the application to show the doctor interface:

1. Dashboard: to view and manage patient appointments.

2. Schedule: to let practitioners manage their availability. They can assign titles, time slots, and the colour of tiles.

3. Patient Information: to see all the information about a patient; their medication, reports, allergies, appointments, etc. with the ability to add more if necessary.

4. Call: to have a telemedicine appointment with a patient, simultaneously check their information and create a new report during the call.


Medicalchain CEO, Dr Abdullah Albeyatti, has begun a new YouTube channel titled The Antidote, in which he vlogs about all things health sector and innovation-related. It is a great opportunity to hear from one of the figures behind the Medicalchain vision with his honest and open opinions.

See his latest video:

Inside Perspective

This section will provide an insight into the project, including the people behind the scenes who are working hard to make this vision a reality.

Whenever you read any material from the company, it will more than likely have crossed the desk of Communications Manager, Tim Robinson. We decided to ask him some questions to find out his experience of working for Medicalchain:

What attracts you to working in the health sector and in particular health innovation?

As cliché as it might come across it ultimately comes down to wanting to make a difference, to be a part of something that truly makes people’s lives better. This is something which really brings you some satisfaction and purpose, to be able to look and see how your contribution helped push the sector in the right direction, for everyone.

Was it always an ambition of yours to work in health innovation?

I have always had an interest in human physiology and to know the history of medicine, how we developed our understanding of our own bodily functions and consequently to better identify the means to rectify any ailments.

I have also always had an interest in electrical engineering, in how we can appropriate the physical properties of the elements around us to create systems, both large and small, to make our lives more comfortable, able, or sustained.

This interest is what led me to want to work in the health sector, to conflate these passions. So when the opportunity arose to work in a UK health-tech start-up looking to disrupt the status quo, I jumped at the opportunity.

Is there a particular skill set necessary for working in the health industry?

The health industry is a rather antiquated system in many aspects — so from the perspective of someone having worked within the health and innovation sectors, I have seen both sides — the barriers of bureaucracy and financial constraints from the health industry, and the lack of support offered to the innovators by the health industry leads.

This scenario calls for a specific skill set — or personality type if you will — someone who has a lot of mental stamina, the ability to communicate, negotiate, and it especially helps to have critical thinking ability.

Which skills in particular from your last job, are most transferable to your role at Medicalchain?

That would definitely be self-management. I was responsible for overseeing a rather large portfolio of assets and infrastructure, of their servicing and reactive maintenance. Balancing my time between responsibilities and priorities became a very useful skill to have, which has certainly benefited me in this role.

What do you find most challenging about working for a company trying to reshape the future of healthcare?

I feel that the most challenging thing is the glacial rate of change within the health sector itself, often finding yourself caught in a catch 22 of bureaucracy. It is one thing to envision a better solution to the current systems, to see what has been developed. But it is another to have this adopted at any great scale, this takes an enormous amount of hoop jumping, which can be frustrating.

Apart from that, there is also the matter of solidifying agreements and partnerships before being able to advertise those, so I can appreciate that from an outside perspective it may appear as though slow progress is being made, however there are so many conversations going on and so many possibilities but you have to keep patient, and quiet, which can be hard when you are excited about something.

How does your excitement for the Medicalchain mission compare to other projects you have worked on?

I have followed the project — prior to joining the team — since its inception, I have then seen the direction and development from the inside and have been excited to see the development and to be a part of the discussions with potential and prospective partnerships.

This is something which has been a passion of mine since my experience of working within the NHS and also as a user — especially with my own children. The need to change the status quo of outdated software solutions within the healthcare sector has never been greater.

Tell us about some of your hobbies and interests outside of work?

I have a keen musical interest and play numerous instruments. Previously, I even spent some time as a member of a rock band, though lately, this has become more of a pastime in the comfort of my home. I am also very interested in motorcycles and electrical engineering, so I am eager to start my next project — to design and build an electric motorcycle.


Future Healthcare 2019 — Exhibition & Conference

18–19 March

Abdullah Albeyatti, CEO of Medicalchain presented at this event.

2nd Annual Pharma Security World 2019

Holiday Inn — Kensington, London, UK.

19–20 March

Dr Albeyatti attended the 2nd Annual Pharma Security World 2019 event held in London and after presenting was involved in a lively debate on the panel about the value add and restrictions in using blockchain in pharma.

Blockchain In the Digital Economy (BIDE) Conference by London Blockchain Labs.

23 March 2019

This event was designed to bring together academics, student talent, professionals and policy-makers to foster blockchain adoption at Imperial College London.

As part of the Hyperledger Workshop section, Dr Albeyatti was joined by Marta Piekarska (Director of Ecosystem — Hyperledger), Jon Greater (CTO Jitsuin) and Ben Bennett (COO Omnitude). Attendees frequently rated the segment as their favourite part of the day.

Rewired Hack Day at the Novotel London West.

25–26 March

Medicalchain developers Maxime Fischer and Jay Povey with Head of Informatics, Dave Ebbitt, working alongside Richard Kavanagh — Head of Interoperability Data Architecture at NHS Digital.

Upcoming Events

If anyone is able, we would love for you to come along to one of our upcoming events, it would be a pleasure for us to meet you:

Future Blockchain Summit 2019 @ Dubai World Trade Centre, Za’abeel Halls 3, 4, 5 & 6, Apr 2 — Apr 3 all-day
Medicalchain’s CEO, Abdullah Albeyatti will be representing at this event.

The Trading Show — Chicago 2019 @ Navy Pier, May 8 — May 9 all-day

Blockchain Live — 2019 @ Olympia London, Sep 25 all-day

Medicalchain will be exhibiting at this event.

Social Media

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