Inside Medicalchain Issue #13

Inside Medicalchain Issue #13

Welcome to the thirteenth issue of Inside Medicalchain, our monthly newsletter to keep our community up to date.

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Product Development

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As always, please continue to download our iOS version of and let us know your feedback on our current version by sending in your comments to [email protected].

If you missed last month’s issue, here is a short video of our V2!

We are still working hard in deep negotiations to run a large-scale pilot in the NHS, UK to cover 30 clinics and 250,000 patients in the north of England. We hope we can share more details with you on this shortly.

We are very close to the full release of, that will be available to download on iOS and Android, and open to sign up! Stay tuned for our announcements.


Our CEO, Dr Abdullah Albeyatti, has posted new YouTube videos on his channel titled The Antidote which you should check out.

Since our last issue, he has been discussing his invaluable experiences of working in the NHS with some of his friends from medical school. He has also made a video on why he chose to be a GP working in the NHS. Watch here:

Inside perspective

This section will provide an insight into the project, including the people behind the scenes who are working hard to make our vision a reality.

We are proud that at Medicalchain, we keep doctors central to our organisation to ensure we can build solutions that translate effectively into the real world. We are pleased to introduce you all to Dr Yosra Albeyatti, who is training as an NHS GP and is working with us to provide technology that can be adopted effectively by clinicians in practice.

We asked Yosra some questions so that you can learn a little bit more about her.

Dr Yosra Albeyatti — Doctor at Medicalchain

What do you do at Medicalchain?

I have had an incredibly varied role at Medicalchain, but the most interesting parts have been being part of our vlog development and creating its content. I am also part of the team that tests our application and researchers our competitors. Having spent time working as a doctor in the NHS, my experience has allowed me to contribute and provide support across different tasks set out by the company.

How do you think technology can positively influence healthcare?

The possibilities are practically endless! I think we are just starting to scratch the surface in terms of technology’s future role in health. Other than simply saving time and money, I think the most interesting part for technology to play is in transforming healthcare into a more personalised service. This is not only in who, how and when we see our doctors, but in the actual medicines and treatments that we prescribe.

Are healthcare professionals becoming more open to digital health solutions in your opinion?

I would like to think so! In some aspects, healthcare professionals are absolutely yearning for digital solutions, but in others, they are understandably cautious. With the emergence of powerful technologies, there needs to be a set of standards, or rules, to go alongside it and this is where some work still needs to be done. There is so much potential to assist in getting the right diagnosis and treatment, but given the gravity of the consequences should something go wrong, people rightly want to ensure that there have been meticulous checks and tests.

How would Medicalchain’s technology affect your practice and the lives of your patients?

Patients having control of their own records will transform the dynamic of the consultation massively, to a far more patient-centred arena. The more complex patients are set to potentially gain the most. Having everything in one place will save the doctor and patient so much time and effort. It will make it so much easier to understand the clinical picture in a scenario with such a long and complicated history. I think these types of patients in particular will also gain the necessary sense of empowerment that they desperately need, in order to play a more active role in their healthcare.


Our Research Fellow, Dr Danyal Akarca, was in Bucharest at the Romanian Blockchain Summit, discussing with notable panel members how distributed ledger technology can secure health records and what this means for the future of healthcare.

He also met Mihai Alisle, the Co-Founder of Ethereum and Founder of the AKASHA Project.

Our CEO, Dr Abdullah Albeyatti, was invited to speak at HIMSS Health 2.0 in Helsinki and was also interviewed on HIMSS TV. “Blockchain can be a game-changer in healthcare –

however, blockchain technology is still in its infancy, so expectations should be managed accordingly”

Click here to view his HIMSS TV interview

Dr Danyal Akarca was in France at MedFIT 2019 where he discussed with his panel the need for collaboration in the digital health ecosystem. The panel and attendees were very receptive to our outlook on interoperability projects including openEHR.

Dr Abdullah Albeyatti was in Japan at the Hyperledger Member’s Summit discussing our vision for how blockchain can be a vehicle to addressing current health data limitations in healthcare and the importance of OpenEHR.

Upcoming Events

  • Our Research Fellow, Dr Danyal Akarca, will be in Leeds at the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Paediatric Ambulatory Care Network Meeting on 25th September 2019 discussing how Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain-secured EHRs can help us achieve community-based models of care in the UK.

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