Inside Medicalchain Issue #15

Inside Medicalchain Issue #15

Welcome to the fifteenth issue of Inside Medicalchain, our monthly newsletter to keep our community up to date.

If you missed the fourteenth issue, you can catch up by clicking here.

Product Development: ANNOUNCEMENT!

We’re very proud to announce the release of V2!  You can now download the demo app from the iOS (Worldwide) and Google Play (UK only) stores!

This is how it looks on the iOS store!

Some highlights:

  • An advanced booking engine
  • Multi-service functionality
  • Family friendly features 

We would really appreciate any feedback you can give us! Let us know your feedback by sending in your comments to [email protected]


We’re honoured to see our hard work being noticed as the winner of five case studies around blockchain in the Financial Times! 

We have been featured by the PHA group as one of the six best companies that are applying blockchain solutions!

We have also been featured in the Journal of mHealth in a piece titled “Can Blockchain Help to Deliver the NHS Long-term Plan?” A great piece that outlines a balanced view on the landscape moving forward relating to blockchain applications to health data in the UK.

Listen to our SVP, Wael Alkhalidi, talk about the health ecosystem we are building at Medicalchain to empower patients with blockchain. Wael is also featured in our Inside perspective section below!

Listen to our CEO, Dr Abdullah Albeyatti, explain how blockchain technology applied to healthcare settings is really in its infancy.

Inside perspective 

This section will provide an insight into the project, including the people behind the scenes who are working extremely hard to make our vision a reality.

As a hugely ambitious health technology company, we need the very best manage our day-to-day functions through guidance, supervision, and leadership. This is why Wael Alkhalidi, our Senior Vice President (SVP) Operations, is essential for our work here at Medicalchain. His brilliant HIMSS interview is featured above!.

We asked Wael some questions so you can learn a little bit about him!

What is your role at Medicalchain as SVP?

I am responsible for the overall operations of Medicalchain. I keep my eyes on multiple areas within the company, assuring productivity and efficiency while seeking to reduce costs wherever possible.

I always try to determine unmet needs within the company and connect groups to work together to solve problems as and when they arise.

What is the most rewarding part of working at Medicalchain? 

I have always wanted to be part of large project aiming to improve the lives of people, and Medicalchain is definitely fulfilling this for me which is very rewarding. I also love working closely with both co-founders who I have known for a long time. It is great to learn from their varied experiences. 

Currently, what are you and the team most working on?

The main project is, which we can’t wait to launch and show the people how amazing it is! However, we are also working on multiple projects which ultimately complete our blockchain platform. 

How do you think Medicalchain can change the future of healthcare?

The healthcare industry is plagued by inefficiencies, errors, bureaucracy, and high administrative costs. 

Medicalchain could help solve some of the industry’s most pressing compliance, interoperability, and data security issues, transparency, as well as enable new patient-centric business models. And I believe we have started unlocking blockchain’s potential for healthcare, it will be a slow process, and change is unlikely to come fast but it will happen.

Why do you think privacy is important relating to health data?

Data is getting more and more valuable, meaning that existing health players have an opportunity to monetise their datasets and, as a result, large companies are making unfathomable fortunes. In the health industry, there are three reasons why patient data privacy and control are more important than ever.

1.Patient access to their data

Patient access to data promotes data exchange across healthcare systems to assure access to critical health data wherever the patient may seek care. It also would allow researchers access to personal patient data given agreement with the individual. Many researchers currently have trouble gaining access to data now in data silos created by industry purchases and other private sector agreements.

2. Preservation of basic human rights.

Patients should have the right to know who is accessing their data and when. We think blockchain is the answer to this. In addition, major regulations around how third-parties use consumer data (GDPR, Consumer Privacy Acts, etc.) will force companies to develop audit and consent trails for where the data goes, which is an additional benefit of blockchain technology.

3.Maintain the fundamental trust doctor-patient relationship.

It is critical for the healthcare system to maintain the trust between doctor and patient in a patient-centric dynamic. If patients believe that the information they give their doctors and healthcare professionals, is not going to be used in the patient’s best interest, then patients will be reticent to provide needed details for their own health which will negatively impact their own healthcare. 

What is it like working in a blockchain start-up company? 

That is very challenging (but also fun!)

What are the major challenges you face on a day-to-day

I am a very organised person and finding that fine balance between being organised but highly adaptable is my biggest challenge. I always have to think of the most efficient way to deliver anything that we are working on, and this is no easy feat.


Wael Alkhalidi and our Health Informatics Manager, Dave Ebbitt, spoke at the OpenEHR day on 28th october, at Skills Matter London: “Building a borderless health society with blockchain technology”. You can see them here in action with this excellent video!

Upcoming Events

  • Our CEO, Dr Abdullah Albeyatti, will be speaking at Healthcare+ Expo in Taiwan this December! We are really looking forward to this prestigious event.
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