Inside Medicalchain Issue #17

Welcome to the seventeenth issue of Inside Medicalchain, our monthly newsletter to keep our community up to date. If you missed the sixteenth issue, you can catch up by clicking here.

Product Development

The V2 is still available to download from the iOS and Google Play stores. These are both available globally! 

As ever, we would really appreciate any feedback you can give us to provide the best possible application for our users. Send in your comments to [email protected].


In an excellently produced video, our COO Mo Tayeb explains initial coin offering funding to the University of Oxford, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. You can check out the short video here!

One of our central aims as a company is to reduce administrative errors within healthcare service providers which are a huge cause of potential harm around the world. Check out our recent post on preventing NHS Administrative errors through Blockchain technology.

Inside perspective

A message from our CEO, Dr Abdullah Albeyatti:

It’s a real privilege to welcome our Medicalchain followers into 2020. We have achieved an extraordinary amount in such a short space of time and 2019 will be remembered as the year things started coming together. 

From an internal company perspective, our team has grown with more developers brought on board to help reach our goal of delivering V2 which was successfully completed.  We were also invited to present in over 24 conferences in 2019 alone, from Chicago to Taipei and everywhere in between! We ended 2019 on a high by winning the Financial Times Intelligent Business 2019 Award for our blockchain solution and were accepted onto the NHS DPS framework as an approved online solution supplier after a long and thorough assessment (we are still waiting for them to add our name onto the list at the time of publishing).

Our Financial Times Intelligent Business 2019 Trophy!

1) What are the major milestones you think we are going to achieve in 2020 and beyond?

As with most health tech companies, it’s time to put theory into practice and I believe in 2020 we will be given that opportunity. The whole team has been working hard to secure pilot sites and negotiate trials with clinics in the UK, both in the NHS and private sector. I, myself was awarded a place on the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur programme as well as the Royal College of General Practitioners Innovators Mentorship Programme to help accelerate our product into clinics across the country and am confident this will bear fruit soon. We will also continue following our roadmap and start expanding our reach into the healthcare sector by supporting users who wish to interact with their data and be rewarded for providing feedback to health insurers as well as pharmaceutical companies via their medical records.

2) What are the main hurdles and/or challenge you see facing Medicalchain in the coming years?

Like any business, it is important to start revenue generating as early as possible and to start recouping the costs of the project.  Unique to tech and more specifically health tech is the volume of funding needed to get a project moving and the long road ahead of satisfying regulators and passing strict healthcare requirements before the tech is deemed safe for the general population to use. Thankfully, with our strong medical team including myself, we are aware of these hurdles early on and are able to plan for them to position ourselves ready to launch into the health sector. We are also in a great position in 2020 to be eligible to apply for different grants and funding which seek to propel our project forwards. Healthtech continues to grow in size with a record breaking amount raised in 2019 and records set to be broken again in 2020.

3) How have you seen the digital health space change over the last decade? And what do you expect to see change?

That’s a tough one to answer! A decade ago I was too busy studying night and day trying to pass my medical school finals. I suppose the biggest change has been attitude. Digital health in the past rarely involved, let alone was led by medical practitioners and there has been a huge swing recently towards doctors taking on the challenge of trying to create solutions for the problems they face on a daily basis. Furthermore, in the past ten years the world seems a much smaller place with the evolution of the internet, mobile devices and our dependence on these leading to health care solutions looking for a global impact rather than just a local one.

4) How is our work at Medicalchain received by medical professionals across the world? Do you think the perception of technology in medicine has improved? 

Things have improved but there is still a long way to go! There is still unfortunately a generational divide that I find amongst some of my colleagues, this in turn does not translate to the population who are keen to try new and different methods of accessing health advice as they can see the benefits of doing so when there is an ever growing demand on services. To be fair to medical professionals, they are so swamped with their clinical commitments that I am not surprised that when someone offers a new way of doing things it just sounds like more work.  Surprisingly, it’s the developing nations who are more keen to engage with tech solutions to streamline the patient journey and treatment. We have experienced many positive discussions with the Asian market for a solution such as ours and plan to expand there once we have a stronger foothold within the UK.

Looking back to some of our amazing events of 2019

In 2019 we went all around the world sharing our products and vision.

Here are some of the highlights!

Dr Abdullah Albeyatti was invited to speak at HIMSS Health 2.0 in Helsinki and was also interviewed on HIMSS TV.  “Blockchain can be a game-changer in healthcare – however, blockchain technology is still in its infancy, so expectations should be managed accordingly”. Click here to view his HIMSS TV interview.

Our CTO, Bara Mustafa, was at Jesus College Cambridge University discussing the applications of blockchain in the real world.

Our Research Fellow, Dr Danyal Akarca, was in Bucharest at the Romanian Blockchain Summit, discussing with notable panel members how distributed ledger technology can secure health records and what this means for the future of healthcare. He also met Mihai Alisle, the Co-Founder of Ethereum and Founder of the AKASHA Project.  

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Our Head of Business Development, Dr Amina Albeyatti, presented our work with at the LSX Congress in London.

Dr Danyal Akarca was in France at MedFIT where he discussed with his panel the need for collaboration in the digital health ecosystem. The panel and attendees were very receptive to our outlook on interoperability projects including openEHR.

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Dr Abdullah Albeyatti was in Japan at the Hyperledger Member’s Summit discussing our vision for how blockchain can be a vehicle to addressing current health data limitations in healthcare and the importance of OpenEHR.

Our team exhibited at Blockchain Live 2019, where they were busy all day answering brilliant questions from the blockchain community on Medicalchain and

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Dr Danyal Akarca was at Bradford University for Leeds at the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Paediatric Ambulatory Care Network Meeting talking about an exciting new project that we hope to be formally announced in 2020!

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Our SVP Operations, Wael Alkhalidi, and Health Informatics Manager, Dave Ebbitt, both spoke at the OpenEHR day at Skills Matter London: “Building a borderless health society with blockchain technology”. You can see them here in action with this excellent video!

Dr Abdullah Albeyatti joined international thought leaders in digital health at the Kuwait Digital Health Conference!

Mohammed Tayeb presented, alongside Mayo Clinic, at Blockchain Revolution Global in Toronto. A brilliant event with a packed audience.

Dr Abdullah Albeyatti spoke at the Healthcare+ Expo in Taiwan! A brilliant event where he shared our work at Medicalchain with Technology leaders in Taiwan.

Dr Danyal Akarca was in Monaco at the BAPRAS Winter Scientific Meeting on the Research and Innovation panel discussing blockchain-secure health passports. His talk is titled “Patient-centrism in an age of AI: how to empower patients and enable ethical digital health”.

Upcoming Events

Dr Abdullah Albeyatti will be at the IEEE UK & Ireland 2020 Launch in February, providing the keynote speech outlining blockchain applications in healthcare.

Dr Abdullah Albeyatti will also be at Imperial College API Conference 2020, talking about our work at Medicalchain with upcoming doctors interested in technology.

Social Media

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Upcoming Issues 

  • About our formal launch of with onboarding of new clinics.
  • Partnerships within the NHS and private sector that we are very much looking forward to sharing with you all.

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