Inside Medicalchain Issue #6

(November 2018)

Welcome to the sixth issue of Inside Medicalchain, a monthly newsletter written to update our community on the progress of our project.

If you missed the fifth issue you can catch up by clicking here.


Team Update:

We are happy to welcome six new developers to our growing team:

  • Olivier Conan, is doing a fantastic job in leading up our iOS development for the Apple application.

Olivier Conan

“Although I am an experienced developer, working for a health company has presented itself with its own challenges. Knowing that we aim to make a big difference to people’s health worldwide has been a great driving force behind this.”

  • Maxime Fischer, is focussing on backend development.
  • Ahmed Hassanein, our new junior full-stack developer.
  • Max Port, also joining us as a junior developer supporting the lead developers.
  • Simone Cascino, is our new senior Android Developer
  • Luca Costa, is a junior Android and full-stack developer.

Product Development

We are pleased to announce that our first product, the application is now live, you can download the application through the Apple App store if you are residing within the UK, download here. is a subsidiary of Medicalchain that provides telemedicine services to patients who are in need of an online consultation, with more functionalities to come. is the first application in the world to support cryptocurrency as a form of payment for online medical treatment.

Maria Rodriguez, the first patient to use cryptocurrency to access an appointment with her GP, said: “It’s super cool to finally use cryptocurrency to purchase services. is easy to use and I love the fact that I can talk to a doctor I know well and trust. I found the report that was sent by the doctor within a few minutes really helpful and reassuring. I’m definitely going to use again and I’ve already started telling my friends and family about it.”

You can pick up the story — here.

We are progressing now with our development with a focus on v1.5 of the application, we are also working on the development of the Health Platform which we aim to incorporate into the application by Q3 2019.

The Health Platform will act as the foundation of all of the Medicalchain products and will be different from the Health Passport which will be its own application outright.


Why granting NHS patients access to their medical records is a legal right

The Times featured Medicalchain as one of the few companies offering people smartphone access to their health data… Read more — here.

Forbes writes about Medicalchain’s mission to solve the patient data problem, “Patients now have a right to read their own records. We are setting up the functionality that is allowing them to do that” — Dr. Abdullah Albeyatti, CEO Medicalchain — Read here

Latest Medicalchain AMA

Humbled by the support from the Japanese community, Dr Abdullah Albeyatti (CEO) and Mo Tayeb (COO) discuss the latest ongoings in Medicalchain’s AMA series along with a live Japanese translation! — Watch here:

  • app in action
  • MTN Utility expansion
  • And more!


On September 27th Medicalchain’s CEO, Dr Abdullah Albeyatti recently spoke at the Humanism, Technology and the Physician of Tomorrow event at the American University of Beirut Medical Center:

On October 1st Medicalchain’s head of health informatics, Dave Ebbitt presented at the 2nd BLOCKCHAINTECH CONGRESS in Warsaw, Poland:

On October 10–12 (Seoul, South Korea) Medicalchain’s CEO, Dr Abdullah Albeyatti presented at the 19th World Knowledge Forum alongside speakers such as the 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon.

  • See more details about the event here.

Oct 17 (USA): Medicalchain’s CEO, Dr Abdullah Albeyatti presented at the FT Digital Health Summit USA — Read about it here.

Medicalchain’s CEO, Dr Abdullah Albeyatti also spoke in Helsinki at Digisote 2018, one of Finland’s prominent health tech conferences about Medicalchain’s progress

Upcoming Events

If anyone is available and able, we would love for you to come along and meet us at one of our upcoming events:

Nov 15 — Nov 16 all-day (Milan, Italy).

Medicalchain’s COO, Mo Tayeb, will be speaking at the Futureland event at Talent Garden Calabiana- Milan, Italy:

Need more information? — follow the link.

Nov 29–30 (Taiwan).

Medicalchain’s COO, Mo Tayeb, will be presenting at the Med X Tech Summit Asia, Healthcare Expo event:

See all about it — here.

Dec 8 all-day (Tokyo, Japan).

Medicalchain’s COO, Mo Tayeb, will be presenting at the Blockchain Summit Tokyo 2018.

Find details about the event — here.


Per our roadmap, Medicalchain will initially focus on rolling out our pilot within the UK.

Our objective is to ensure that our strategy and product is aligned with the unique market requirements of each country prior to tackling the global market.

Social Media

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to ask us questions and engage with our community management team. If you have not had the chance to say hello yet, please click on one of the groups to join the discussion!

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