Inside Medicalchain Issue #8

(January 2019)

Welcome to the eighth issue of Inside Medicalchain, our monthly newsletter to keep our community up to date.

If you missed the seventh issue you can catch up by clicking here.

This edition marks the start of the new year, so from all of us at Medicalchain — we would like to wish you all a happy new year!

We look forward to the upcoming months as we will see our plans come to fruition, to be able to present the 2.0 app, and also the initial release of the HealthPassport application.

A message from our CEO, Dr Abdullah Albeyatti:

Coming to the end of 2018 has felt like the end of a sprint. We have been non-stop since we first launched Medicalchain and have leapt from one achievement to the next, with so many milestones being met along the way we often overlook all that we have achieved. From nurturing an international community to completing a successful ICO and launching our first beta application, a world’s first for telemedicine and blockchain.

However, we are not aiming for a quick sprint finish and are already looking forward to the marathon ahead by setting the agenda for future healthcare, leading conversations about transparency, blockchain technology and the utility of cryptocurrency and most importantly, being the advocate for patients worldwide. Above all else, we must facilitate patients to be more involved in their healthcare and decision making by having easy access to their records.

Our team has already grown in strength and numbers and we have several offices now across the UK as well as in Switzerland. We continue to work hard with like-minded organisations on partnerships, joint venture agreements and large health institutions. I am confident that 2019 will be a defining year for Medicalchain and I would like to thank our community for supporting us through thick and thin. Our team has been resolute in their approach to continuing to deliver on our ‘road map’ promises and I am proud to have them join me in trying to achieve this.

Please continue to support us as I strongly believe we are close to making a real impact and I for one am excited for the year ahead.”

Dr Abdullah Albeyatti MBBS BSc MRCS (ENT) MRCGP

Product Development

Want to help? Give us feedback!

Please continue to download our iOS version and let us know your feedback on version 1.0 by sending us your comments to — [email protected]


We are very pleased to be able to show some preliminary screenshots of the HealthPassport application (note that these images are subject to change):

The HealthPassport is an innovative solution to store and utilise patient health data in accordance with open standards — with the added benefit of blockchain technology.

The platform is designed to empower patients with the autonomy over their own data, to allow them to view their records, share them with relevant health practitioners, family and friends, as well as personally audit who has gained access.

Alongside this, the open standards of storage allow for greater flexibility, with interoperability between the vast array of health data systems used within the sector today. The platform can be used in general practice, hospitals or in social care, as well as incorporating health data from other sources such as wearables — health monitors and IoT devices. This provides patients with a single, secure point of access to their health information and control over how it is used.

The HealthPassport is also designed so that it can be implemented with ease by any supplier wanting to securely store, manage and make use of health data in their own systems. There is currently no other solution available that does this!

Prospective patients and medical practitioners can register their interest now, by clicking here.


Our Communications Manager, Tim Robinson is continuing the new Medicalchain blog on healthcare related topics, including how to address some of these and how they affect us. Check out some of the latest articles below:

Inside Perspective

A view from the London office

A typical day in the office — our Development, Informatics, Finance, Operations, Legal and Communications teams all hard at work. Rubik’s cubes a common sight — the current champion, Communication’s Manager Tim Robinson.

Throughout 2019 we will run a new segment within Inside Medicalchain, this will be called ‘Inside Perspective’. Through this section, we will provide an insight into the project, including the people behind the scenes who are working hard to make this vision a reality.


Our founders conducted an AMA on December 24th, you can see the event on YouTube here.

On January 9th 2019 in London:

Designing a Central Bank Digital Currency and Building Healthcare on Blockchain

Medicalchain’s COO, Mo Tayeb spoke at this event.

Upcoming Events

If anyone is able, we would love for you to come along to one of our upcoming events, it would be a pleasure for us to meet you.

Mo Tayeb, Medicalchain COO, will be presenting at the following events in Japan:

31/01/19 18:30–20:30

City: Fukuoka

Address: 5–3–8 Nakasu, Hakata-ku, Hakata-shi, Fukuoka prefecture (meeting room)

01/02/19 18:30–20:30

City: Nagoya

Address: Nakamura Ward, Nagoya City 4–5–27 (4th Floor)

02/02/19 13:00–15:30

City: Osaka

Address: 1–13–41 Esaka Town, suita city Osaka prefecture (A large room)

03/02/19 13:00–15:30

City: Tokyo

Address: 2–3–5 Higashi Gotanda Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo (4th floor, Hall A)

Feb 14 — Feb 16 all-day

21st Congress of the European Society for Sexual Medicine at the Cultural and Congress Centre, Cankarjev Dom, Prešernova cesta 10, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Medicalchain’s CEO, Dr Abdullah Albeyatti, will be speaking at this event.

A message from the ESSM President about the event:

Social Media

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to ask us questions and engage with our communications team.

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The Medicalchain Health Passport signup is live! Prospective patients and medical practitioners can register their interest now, by clicking here.

Upcoming Issues:

  • Partnerships within the NHS and private sector
  • New website reveal — coming soon!

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