Inside Medicalchain Issue #18

Welcome to the eighteenth issue of Inside Medicalchain, our monthly newsletter to keep our community up to date. If you missed the seventeenth issue, you can catch up by clicking here.

Product Development is going open-source.

Starting the new year we have reflected on our journey so far and reviewed what our core principles and motives are.  

We have always been passionate about empowering patients to have access to their own medical records and using blockchain technology to secure this using a decentralised network.  Whilst having conversations with different clinics and hospitals we have realised that the patients we want to serve are at the mercy of decision-makers who are apprehensive about change and concerned about implied costs of using such software.

To reinforce our ideals and principles, that all patients should have access not only to their records but to the same level of care that one should expect we have made a decision to not only encourage decentralisation of healthcare but to also democratise it.

We are proud to announce that is going open source!

Medicalchain is now a fully approved online solution supplier to the NHS.

In other news, we have been officially approved by the NHS onto the dynamic purchasing system framework. This means that we are now an approved online solution supplier to the NHS. We are one of only 33 suppliers across the entire NHS.

This allows CCG’s and/or STP’s to award contracts to us, safe in the knowledge that we have gone through the stringent scrutiny and achieved all necessary requirements to comply with the Online Consultations technical standards.

We have also been officially listed on the NHS website.

The V2 is still available to download from the iOS and Google Play stores. 

Both of our iOS and Google Play apps are available globally! 

As ever, we would really appreciate any feedback you can give us to provide the best possible application for our users. Send in your comments to [email protected]


In late January, our CEO Dr Abdullah Albeyatti made the exciting announcement that is going open-source at Super Connect Leeds. It was a great event with a range of speakers on MedTech, digital health and innovation in medicine.

Inside perspective

This section aims to provide an insight into the project, including the people behind the scenes who are working extremely hard to make our vision a reality.

We are proud that at Medicalchain, we keep doctors central to our organisations to ensure we can build solutions that translate effectively into the real world. This is particularly essential for our first telemedicine product In light of our announcement that is going open-source, we wanted you to hear from Dr Amina Albeyatti, Head of Business Development for Amina is also a general practitioner working in Dorking, Surrey.

We asked Amina some questions so you can learn a little bit about her and her work in progressing as a global telemedicine solution backed by blockchain technology.

Dr Amina Albeyatti MRCGP

Do you think that medical professionals are ready to take more consultations from a distance? How do you think it can best be integrated into healthcare? Are there any countries more ready for it than others?

Similar to other professions, I think there is a considerable proportion on both sides of the fence. Those who want to manage patients in a way they always have and that they know they can do well. On the other side, some doctors want to try new things even though they may not be as successful as they may have hoped. It depends on the healthcare professional’s experience and pressures. 

Unfortunately, the NHS is crumbling as we speak and we need a unified plan of action that we can all get behind. We need to offer all patients the same access and services and move away from the postcode lottery we currently have. 

I personally think remote consulting is a simple and effective tool to increase productivity and efficiency whilst keeping costs down. There are a few countries which have adopted this more flexible approach. For example, Scandinavia is in large need of telemedicine access, as some families live in remote and difficult to reach areas and doctors are a scarce resource.

What are the deliverable goals that you are hoping to achieve with this year?

We are working super hard to improve our outreach with the medical and blockchain community. We are excited about our partnerships which are in the pipeline.

How do you see individuals using their blockchain-based records within the application?

I think a patient-centric application which allows patients to not only access their healthcare records but use it easily whilst consulting doctors and receiving medication is revolutionary. will allow patients to really take control and let them organically encourage our future developments, as we will be able to analyse how they interact with their healthcare record and engage in reporting their outcomes.

What is involved in a business development role for and how does it differ from being a Doctor?

Being a doctor is simple and complex at the same time much like business development. 

As a doctor I am well trained to deal with the vast majority of illness’ and emergencies that I may come across as a GP or hospital doctor. I follow the systematic approach and hope to get to a sensible conclusion. Unfortunately, patients are not textbooks and they often throw you a curveball. This forces you to think outside the box and invent a more appropriate management plan to suit that particular patient and their complex needs. It’s scary but very rewarding. 

Business development also requires a lot of logical thinking and meticulous planning and good social interactions but often needs some ‘light bulb’ moments to move conversations and partnerships forward. Again, this is the fun and interactive bit. Both heavily rely on good teamwork and forward planning which I enjoy! 

Upcoming Events

Our CEO, Dr Abdullah Albeyatti will be at the IEEE UK & Ireland 2020 Launch in February, providing the keynote speech outlining blockchain applications in healthcare.

Dr Abdullah Albeyatti is presenting at the Blockchain for Business Summit @ ExCel London, 10th-11th June 2020.

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Upcoming Issues 

  • About our formal launch of with onboarding of new clinics.
  • Partnerships within the NHS and private sector that we are very much looking forward to sharing with you all.

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